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Before and After Braces Photos

The following before and after cases illustrate what we can do for your teeth and smile using orthodontics

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Treatment Case 1
This patient was treated with an upper tooth-coloured brace and extraction of two upper premolar teeth
Duration of treatment: 17 months
Before Brace After Brace
Before tooth-coloured braces
After tooth-coloured braces

Treatment Case 2
This young man had a growth modification 'functional' brace to improve the set-back position of his lower jaw over 12 months. He then had a fixed 'train-track' brace to close up his gaps for 18 months. The final photos were taken 3 years after completion of his brace treatment.
Duration of treatment: 30 months
Before Functional Brace After Functional Brace
Before train-track braces
After train-track braces

Treatment Case 3
The young girl below wore upper and lower metal fixed appliances, with an upper expansion appliance. No extractions were necessary.
Length of orthodontic treatment: 18 months
Before Metal Braces After Metal Braces
Before orthodontics
After orthodontics

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Treatment Case 4
Teeth straightening was achieved for this young man with Clarity tooth-coloured fixed braces
Duration of treatment: 18 months
Before Clarity braces After Clarity braces
Before Clarity tooth-coloured braces
After Clarity tooth-coloured braces

Treatment Case 5
Another successful result using upper and lower metal fixed braces with an upper expansion appliance and extraction of four teeth
Length of orthodontic treatment: 12 months
Before Metal Braces After Metal Braces
Before upper and lower fixed metal braces
After upper and lower fixed metal braces

Treatment Case 6
The top teeth were nicely aligned using an upper metal fixed brace
Duration of orthodontic treatment: 18 months
Before Upper Metal Brace After Upper Metal Brace
Adult before upper brace
Adult after upper brace

Treatment Case 7
Length of orthodontic treatment: 20 months
Before Braces After Braces
Before orthodontic treatment
After orthodontic treatment

Treatment Case 8
This young man's treatment involved orthodontics, 2 separate jaw operations by an orthognathic surgeon and some bridgework fitted by a dentist to replace some missing teeth
Duration of orthodontic treatment: 36 months - starting at 18, finishing at 21
Before Treatment After Treatment
Before treatment
After treatment

Treatment Case 9
Teeth straightening was accomplished using Damon braces in this case
Before Damon braces After Damon braces
Before damon braces
After damon braces

Treatment Case 10
Function jaw brace treatment
Duration: 1 year with functional jaw brace followed by 18 months with fixed braces
Before functional jaw brace treatment After functional jaw brace treatment
Before functional jaw brace
After functional jaw brace

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