How to brush your teeth with braces

Watch the video to see how to clean your teeth properly when you have braces It is imperative to clean your teeth properly around your braces during orthodontic treatment, otherwise you risk damage to your teeth and health associated with poor oral hygiene, for example decalcification which shows as white spots or marks on the teeth, inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) and bone loss (periodontal disease). It is pointless having nice straight teeth if they have marks, decay or receding gums and bone loss which age the face. Your braces will tend to accumulate more food debris than your teeth usually would and it is important to brush your teeth gently but meticulously after every meal, taking care to avoid damage to the braces.

Video transcript

With braces there are a lot more areas where plaque and tartar can accumulate. The Proxabrush is ideal to clean in this situation. It efficiently cleans in and around braces since it can conform to different shapes with its conical, flexible bristles. The spaces between the teeth and the braces can be cleaned from the top and from the bottom. With braces, it is recommended that in addition to using the Proxabrush, brushing and flossing are also used regularly. This will prevent cavities around braces.