Care of Removable Braces

Follow our advice for looking after your removable brace to minimise breakage or loss Your brace is quite delicate. Please do not try to adjust it. Wear the brace all the time. Within 2 or 3 days you will get used to talking and eating with it. Take the brace out when you play any contact sport and when brushing your teeth. Leave the brace in a secure container (which has your name and address on it) whenever you remove it from your mouth. You may be charged if it is lost.

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Keep your teeth and brace very clean. Brush both carefully after every meal. To ensure the good health of your teeth and gums, please reduce the amount of sugar that you eat and drink. If the brace is broken or cannot be worn for any reason, please contact the surgery. Do not wait for the next appointment. Please bring any dental casts/models along to the emergency appointment.