Private Treatment

If you are over 18 years old, then treatment will be on a private basis and the cost will depend on the complexity and length of your treatment. There are various options for treatment for private patients including cosmetic orthodontic appliance options and these can be discussed during a private consultation. You may view the types of cosmetic appliance systems available in the invisible braces section of this site.

We offer a complimentary discussion over treatments available at the practice with a treatment coordinator. There is no commitment with this appointment, which will allow you some insight into how we could straighten your teeth and improve your smile.

You could also skip this discussion and come in straight away for an initial consultation with an orthodontist, which includes radiographs and records necessary for our clinicians to be able to make a detailed assessment of your individual needs. After your personal consultation we will forward a detailed report to you. This will clarify our findings and the options for your treatment, as well as provide affordable payment options and exactly how much your braces will cost.

Our team will be happy to discuss any aspects of your orthodontic treatment or associated payments with you.

A Rough Guide to Costs is Given Below


with an orthodontist


£ 180


with an orthodontist


£ 2200


with an orthodontist


£ 1990

Benefits of Private Orthodontic Treatment for Adults and Children

  • No waiting lists, so the treatment can start when it suits you
  • Appointment times can be arranged for after school or in the evening after work to minimise disruption to your lifestyle
  • You will be seen more frequently than our NHS patients for your appointments, allowing the treatment to proceed more rapidly
  • Different types of cosmetic braces may be available to you, including less visible ceramic ’tooth-coloured’ braces, the Invisalign clear
    aligner system, or lingual appliances fitted to the inside of your teeth
  • Affordable payment plans are available, to help spread the cost of your private treatment over a number of months
  • Long term follow up of your retainer appliances, to ensure you maintain your beautiful smile!

(An initial down-payment is required, followed by £135 – £280 per calendar month, all on an interest-free basis)

We offer payment plans and accept cash, debit cards and all major credit cards as a method of payment.

NHS Orthodontic Treatment

We do provide NHS orthodontic treatment, which is carried out for patients referred to us before their 18th birthday at this practice and this treatment is free.

Receiving treatment on the NHS is dependent on the severity of your bite and our specialist orthodontists will advise you of this at your first appointment. There may be an NHS charge if orthodontic appliances are lost or broken beyond repair. This NHS fee is currently £95.70 per appliance, or part thereof. (£191.40 if two retainers are lost)