Problems with your brace

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Fixed Braces

  • A Metal square is moving around/has come out completely (bracket debonded)
  • Metal tube on the outside of back tooth/molar has come off (buccal tube debonded)
  • Main wire has come at the back of the brace (distal end out)
  • Main wire is long/sharp at the back of the brace (distal end long or not bent round)
  • Main wire is broken/part of it is missing (fractured archwire)
  • Very thin wire (not the main wire) is poking out/sharp (ligature end out)
  • Small elastic around metal square has come off (module off)
  • Chain elastic has come off (powerchain off)
  • Spring in between teeth on main wire has come off/is coming off (pushcoil unravelled)
  • Metal ring /band around a molar is loose/digging in/broken (loose or fractured molar band)
  • Unable to place elastics between parts of the brace, as shown at my appointment (IME placement issue)
  • Plastic button on wire arch in my palate is causing soreness (NPA embedding)
  • Wire Arch in my palate is causing soreness on tongue (NPA/TPA/QH traumatic on tongue)
  • Hook on metal square or main wire is poking out/rubbing (bracket hook or archwire hook traumatic on soft tissues)
  • Blue/pink blocks placed on biting surface of teeth has worn down – and i might be biting down onto the metal squares (GIC blocks worn down and possibly biting onto brackets)
  • Block(s) placed behind front tooth/teeth has come off (anterior bite block(s) debonded)

Removable braces

  • Metal clip that goes around teeth at the back is broken (fractured crib)
  • Metal spring behind front teeth has broken (fractured t spring or z spring)
  • Plastic is rubbing on gums/causing ulcers (acrylic rubbing)
  • Plastic on part of brace has broken (acrylic fracture)
  • Brace is loose/falling out (loose appliance)
  • Brace is not seating down/is rocking (appliance not fitting)

Clear plastic retainers

  • Retainers not seating down fully (retainers not fitting)
  • Retainers split / cracked (retainers have crack – horizon/vertical/complete)
  • Retainer has holes (retainers have worn on biting surface)

Bonded wire retainers

  • Wire on the back of teeth is/feels loose (bonded ret debonded)
  • Wire on the back of teeth feels broken or sharp (bonded ret debonded or fractured)