Care of Fixed Braces

Proper care of your fixed braces will reduce the chances of getting tooth decay or damaging your braces during your treatment.

YOU are now the owner of a new fixed brace! Please remember that your fixed brace is quite delicate and you should follow the rules below to help your treatment to progress without any problems.

The first three days

  1. As your teeth begin to move they may feel tender to bite on and slightly loose.
  2. The metal components may cause soreness of the lips and cheeks. 

If the metal continues to cause discomfort, place the white wax provided over the bracket or wire causing the problem, having dried the area first with tissue or cotton wool to allow the wax to stick.

Oral Hygiene

It is essential that YOU maintain a careful brushing technique around your brace. Failure to do this will result in swollen gums and possibly tooth decay. In addition there may be permanent white marks on your teeth around the brackets.

  1. Use a good quality toothbrush (e.g. Sensodyne 3.5) and change it every 3 months.
  2. Brush slowly and gently for at least three minutes twice a day.
  3. Take your time to clean carefully around each of the brackets with an interspace brush once a day.
  4. Clean all surfaces of your teeth, especially the area between the brackets and your gums.
  5. Use a fluoride mouthwash after brushing your teeth last thing at night to help prevent decay from occurring.

Food and Eating

  1. Reduce all forms of sugar in your diet, in particular between meals.
  2. Cut all your food into small pieces. Biting directly into food with your front teeth may break or damage your brace.
  3. Do no eat the following: Chewing/Bubble gum, toffees or hard foods. Minimise any intake of chocolate or fizzy/sweetened drinks. ‘Sugar-free’ drinks are safe.